Body Craft GX Home Gym


The BodyCraft GX home gym is an extremely popular home gym due to its unique design and compact size that makes it a good fit in most small home gyms. One of the best features of this home gym is the free motion cable system – This offers the advantages of free-weight training and allows the user to stimulate many sport specific exercises.

The BodyCraft GX home gym is very good value for money & will make a great addition to any home gym, especially for those who want to get all the benefits of free weights training without the risks.

If you are looking for one of the best names in plate stack home gyms, you can’t go wrong with BodyCraft. They are known for high quality, superior construction. Expert “Best Buy” ratings along with high user reviews confirms that this is a high value brand built to last.

• 100 kg weight stack.
• Flexible nylon coated 1000kg tensile strength aircraft cable along with internally lubricated bearings.
• Adjustable seat, seat back, press arm and cable motion arms.
• 2:1 resistance on the press arm (up to 200kg) self aligning foot pads.
Exercise stations:
• Lat pull down & tricep pushdown
• Ab crunch
• Chest Press & Shoulder Press
• Leg extension & standing leg curl
• Low pulley for arm curls, seated or upright row
• Cable motion for MANY more exercises.
• Optional leg press station.










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